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    Account Balance Repetition

      I am very new to QBAR and have watched quite a few videos and have read many help pages.  They all have been fairly helpful although I'm having a consistent issue that has yet to be resolved.  When I create a pivot table, add a dimension of account #, expression of Account balance, the account balance repeats itself for each month within the same account.  If I add a Canonical Date and change it for any month/year the balance is the same.  I've watched a few videos where they use the Canonical filter and I duplicate what they do but something is wrong here.  I've tried to see where this number is coming from by researching that account in QuickBooks. I thought maybe it was totaling the entire account from the start of QB to current date as it's a very large number but it's not even that.  I don't know where the number is coming from.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!