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    New to Qlik Sense, Need help with filtering function

      I am trying to achieve 3 items based on filtering:



      1. 1. Work with Filtering. Get more understanding of how it works and associations.


      1. 2. Basic row count of each of the tables before and after filtering.


      1. 3. Count of Customers by Catalog.

      Also, I am trying to apply the filters to our data based on logic (see below). Few questions

      Here is the rpg statement.


      ****Several things to exclude....intercompanies, store transfers, plant usage, store bill..    

      Note:  SLSNR1=First character of SLSNR field.


      IF        SLSNR1=7 Intercompany         

      Or SLSNR1=8 Nasco West           

      Or SLSNR1=9 Arnold Nasco         

      Or SLSNR>=11 and SLSNR<=19 Store account Sales  

      Or CUSNR=66660100 Nasco Plastics       

      Or CUSNR>=99950100 Triarco              

      Or CUSNR>=99990100 and CUSNR<=99990199       I/C-Nasco Modesto    

      Or CUSNR>=99990200 and CUSNR<=99990299       I/C Nasco

      Or CUSNR>=99990500 and CUSNR<=99990599       Store transfer

      Or CUSNR>=99990800 Employee Pricing     

      Or ITLOC='RETRN' Returns              

      eval      VALID=*BLANKS