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    Multi-dimensional Bar Chart defaulting to Stacked bars - how to undo?

      Hi - I have a bar chart with Total revenue on the Y-axis, and Sales Group on the X-axis. I then set up Conditional expressions for drilling further than Sales Group on the X-axis (Group -> Line -> Network -> Profit Center), so four total dimensions. The conditional expression used for each is:

           Line:                GetSelectedCount(Group)=1

           Network:          GetSelectedCount(Line)=1

           Profit Center:    GetSelectedCount(Network)=1



      This gives the chart drill-down functionality. The issue is that when drilling down below the 2nd dimension (beyond Line), the chart automatically defaults to a Stacked Bar Chart. Any workaround for this?

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          Stefan Wühl

          Not sure I fully understand.


          What expressions / calculations are you using in your three expressions? Wouldn't a single expression with drill down dimension group do what you want? In other words, do you need to add a different expression when drilling down?


          Or do you want to use mutual exclusive expressions, then maybe add to the conditionals something like


          Line:                GetSelectedCount(Group)=1 AND GetSelectedCount(Line)=0 AND GetSelectedCount(Network)=0

                Network:          GetSelectedCount(Line)=1 AND GetSelectedCount(Network)=0

               Profit Center:    GetSelectedCount(Network)=1


          Or check the drill down group dimension using GetCurrentField( GroupName) in the expression conditional.


          Hope this helps,