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    Strange Exception

    Paolo Rena

      Hi Community,


      Strange Things happened in my QV Server Architecture.

      In specific, there are 3 different tasks that reload the same qvw file in the same moment, using 3 different parameters.

      The task are used for a near real time and are reloaded every 10 mins.


      The tasks name are described Below:



      Few days of great performance and than again the same problem: File corrupred.

      There is no way to restore the corrupted version, I need to replace a backuped file.


      Someone have any ideas?

      Thanks a lot.


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          Peter Cammaert

          AFAIK what you are doing is NOT a good idea.


          Every task will allocate a QVB reload engine, that each will open your single QVW document, load it in memory, execute the reload script with a different parameter setting, and - at the end - save it into the same single file. Or at least try to save it. Depending on the timing, tasks may fail, tasks may clash when trying to write at the same time, a task that finishes later may overwrite a QVW that was saved immediately before  etc. Or it may just work like you expect it to work (if all reloads execute one after the other by accident). Any one of the former cases may cause the source QVW to become corrupted (ignore the QV Desktop error message - the QVW file is gone)


          I suggest you make three copies of the same QVW, and attach a single task to each copy. The end result will be the same, but the execution will be reliable.

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              Paolo Rena

              Hi Peter,



              so strange there are no ways to use a LOADER file to generate QVD's in parallel whithout save it.

              Is not possible to disable the SAVE document using some workaround or to sinch parallelism using some sleep function in the script?


              Thanks again

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  If I understood correctly, you can look into using a supporting task (or how is called correctly in this case?) to create your QVDs directly from script, no QVW involved.

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                    Peter Cammaert

                    Hi Paolo,


                    2. Generate QVD's in parallel: Yes there is, but not using a single document that loads in parallel. Stefan gave you the correct answer to your second question: Supporting tasks of type QVD creation can be configured to generate QVD's without QVW and without any hassle. The task itself will contain the load script, will remain manageable in its entirety via the QMC and can be run in parallel as you like (and as long as there are reload engines available) Since you seem to have a full Publisher, have a look at these tasks and how simple it is to create/configure them.


                    3. Disable SAVE: no, you cannot tell the reload engine (that's the one that does the save, not the publisher) to not save a document upon completion of the load script. Even if the document hasn't really changed, or has no (fresh) content, the publisher will still save the QVW to disk.


                    Good luck,



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                  Sitrakiniaina JAUNET

                  Hello community,


                  I have the same error message when I try to open a qvw file.

                  I have done manipulations to retrieve corrupted file proposed by Qlikview but the file still corrupted.

                  Could you help please?


                  Thanks in advance.