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    Using Where Clause to filter data in load script, Need help please

      I am trying to filter data that I load by mimicking these scripts (See Below):

      I am not sure where to start but I believe we should use a WHERE clause in the Load Script.

      Note:  SLSNR1=First character of SLSNR field.


      IF        SLSNR1=7 Intercompany

      Or SLSNR1=8 Nasco West

      Or SLSNR1=9 Arnold Nasco

      Or SLSNR>=11 and SLSNR<=19 Store account Sales  

      Or CUSNR=66660100 Nasco Plastics       

      Or CUSNR>=99950100 Triarco

      Or CUSNR>=99990100 and CUSNR<=99990199       I/C-Nasco Modesto    

      Or CUSNR>=99990200 and CUSNR<=99990299       I/C Nasco

      Or CUSNR>=99990500 and CUSNR<=99990599       Store transfer

      Or CUSNR>=99990800 Employee Pricing     

      Or ITLOC='RETRN' Returns

      eval      VALID=*BLANKS