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    Drilldown into combo chart (bar & line) issue

      I have a combo chart with 4 dimensions and two expressions. The dimensions are conditionally set up using GetSelectedCount in a way as to give a drill down effect (Group > Line > Network > Profit Center). For example, drilling down into 1 service group will give you the Lines within that group, and then clicking 1 Line will show the networks within that line, all the way down to the 4th dimension in the chart (Profit Center). The two expressions I have are Total Revenue (bar chart on the left Y-axis), and Avg. Revenue per Manager (line chart on right side Y-axis).


      The issue I am having is the combo chart displays properly at the first dimension level (group total revenue and group average revenue), however when I drill down a level to Line, the bar chart (total revenue) remains but the Line Chart (average revenue) does not display properly. Any workaround for this?