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    Server name Vs domain name in apps URL


      I'm starting to work with Qlik Sense and don't find how to use the apps starting from the URL from Single configurator.


      When I clic on an application (in the Single configurator), he gives me an URL like:



      If i try to use this URL from an external PC, it doesn't work because the SERVER-NAME is not a domain name.

      Of course, I can copy this link and replace the SERVER-NAME with the public IP address, and it works.

      Example: https://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/single?appid=b71ac167-5578-48ad-9461-e79fcfba495a&sheet=HAkCepV&opt=nointeraction&select=clearall


      I think it's not normal to have to update the created link before using it (replace the SERVER-NAME by an IP address)


      I also have tried to use a sub domain (from my official domain name), like qlik.mydomainname.com.. and to link the DNS from this sub domain to my IP... it doesn't work.


      Of course, before this test I have added a Websocket in the Virtual proxie for this sub-domain nane


      How to do to use a domain name (or sub-domain name) in the URL for those Apps ?


      Thanks for your help