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    svgMap memory leak?

    Jonathan Zaid

      I have an QlikView app which "updates" every 10 seconds; e.g. a counter is incremented via an extension. This is used to conditionally hide/show objects giving a slideshow effect. Some of the objects are svgMaps. Looking at memory usage on chrome the app starts out at around 35MB and steadily increases. In an 8 hour period I can see values of over 500MB of memory usage. I have traced a large part of the memory usage to svgMap, although I believe it is more embedded in the extension calling technique used by Qlik Server.

      I was able to reduce some of the leakage by modifying raphael.js (I downloaded the non-minified version) and removing the call to Ninja which I believe creates a self-referencing closure and so is not garbage collected. I also removed the definition of OldRaphael which I believe was causing the self-reference. After this was removed, memory usage was better, but I believe there are still leaks and I also think that there is something intrinsic in the extension mechanism which cause memory leaks.

      Does anyone have any experience with this? Any solutions?