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    Is it possible to modify dimensions Text results within a graph?

      I have data that is not very clean that I am trying to report on, and i am trying to figure out how to modify how some of the data is displayed within a graph.


      I am trying to create a simple pie chart that shows that % of incoming calls that are Spanish vs English.

      I do have a dimension that organizes this data but not in a clean manor. The dimension options are "Office", "Office Spanish", or "[None]".


      I would like to change the options from the given text to "English", "Spanish", "Unknown".


      Is this possible? I am pretty new to creating load Scripts within Qlik Sense so I have not been able to come up with a possible solution myself as I am still trying to understand what can and cant be done, but i figured something like this should be possible...


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.