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    [URGENT] - Need help in Filter in calculated dimension!

    Jim Chan

      Hi guys,


      I have issue regarding the filteration in the calculated dimension. Have a look at my picture1.


      The ‘Data’ table box is the original data load from the excel file. Now, have a look on my picture 2.


      To differentiate the category of the customer, I have used the calculated dimension as shown as below:


      Category Expression:

      = if(Date <= '$(vSelectYear)' AND ISNULL(Date2), 'Not New Customer',
      if(Date <= '$(vSelectYear)' AND Date2 <> null(), 'Others',
      if( Date > '$(vSelectYear)', 'New Customer', 'None'


      Sales Expression:

        = sum(Sales)

      Now, at my final picture3.


      Unfortunately, when I click the ‘Not New Customer’ in the Category column, it is unable to filter the Category. It also showed the value ‘Others’ also.

      So, is it possible to filter the calculated dimension in the qlikview which is when I click the ‘Not New Customer’ it only shown the ‘Not New Customer’ only in the straight table?