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    Usage of fields tags and field comments in QlikSens

      Hi All

      I don't understand the usage of tags and field comments in QlikSense. I get the part where the $dimension tag and the $measure tag facilitate easier browsing in the chart creation dialogs, but that is about what I understand.


      My confusion relates to the tags and comments created in the script, i.e. during loading. My problem is that I don't see them in the sheet design process. I can verify the tags and comments created in the script using the data model viewer, but I don't see the big advantage in this.


      1) I expected the tags and comments to be shown in the sheet-design where fields can be dragged in. Instead, only the field name and the table it belongs to are shown in the comment popup. The tags are not searchable.

      2) I expected the comments and field tags to be "inherited" by the dimension/measure I created. Instead I have to re-create tags and comments, which will then be shown as comment and can be searched.


      What am I missing? What is the power of tags/comments if they cannot be used in the sheet design?


      Given that 1) and 2) does not seem to be implemented, I think it gives app developers a lot of extra work when they struggle to make the data model easily accessible, but then again, I may be missing the big picture :-)


      Hope you can give me some clues

      Thank you