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    current week vs previous week ?

    gaurav gopale



      I want to show current week and previous week bar in bar chart


      I wrote the following expression


      Current Week : sum({$<Date={'>=$(=Date(WeekStart(Max(Date)),'DD/MM/YYYY'))<=$(=Date(WeekEnd(Max(Date)),'DD/MM/YYYY'))'}>}[Order Value])


      Previous Week: sum({$<Date={'>=$(=Date(WeekStart(Max(Date),-1),'DD/MM/YYYY'))<=$(=Date(WeekEnd(Max(Date),-1),'DD/MM/YYYY'))'}>}[Order Value])




      but the weekstart() function which i have used starts the week from Sunday to Saturday


      I want the week to start from Monday to Sunday


      So the expression which i have wrote gives me the wrong output



      can anyone help me



      thanks in advance