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    Issue with links and IEPlugin in QV9R4. Works if I paste it, but from the favorites menu it doesn't work

      HI. I'm having an issue similar wit IE 7-8, QlikView 9 R4 and the Plugin.

      IF I place this link:

      directly into the browser.. the WindowsServer ask for user & pwd and then opens the document without issues, but if I place this as a link in favorites then it opens a logon screen from QV and later fails to load the document. IF I kill the IE process directly in the task administrator, then it reloads, the IE (version 8) says that an error ocurred and was fixed an then it opens the document...

      So far, this is only happening in Windows 7 and IE 7 or 8. I've already tried to change the IE settings to disregard secure mode, or adding the site to trusted sites. It is also happening in Windows 7 or XP and is not happening in every pc , so it should be a problem of every pc, but I have no clue of what to check now?

      any clues??


      Thnks !!!