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    Pivot Table columns and totals

    Chris Weldon

      Another question I am afraid!


      I have some data in a pivot table, but I have a few questions.  The table is currently like this:

      Pivot Table.jpg

      Question 1:

      Is it possible to hide the null column?  If I hide nulls in the options it will hide the Claims row as well, and I don't want that.


      Question 2:

      Is it possible to get the null values in for example the Quotes row to show as a 0?


      Question 3:

      How do I get the column totals to show?  Currently the formula in the measure is:

      count([Market Minimum Band])/count(total <Category>[Market Minimum Band])


      Question 4:

      Is it possible to force an extra column in.  Between At Minimum and Good there is the possibility of Above Minimum - but in this case there is no data - for consistency I would like to show all the columns at all times - even if they are just 0's.


      All help gratefully received.  Is a Pivot Table the wrong visualisation?


      Many thanks