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    Open Ports

      Hey Guys,

      I understand port 4747 needs to be allowed through the firewall for serve 9.0, but I was wondering if anyone has created any rules for that port with QlikView to lock it down a little more. For instance can you allow only certain IP addresses? I haven't ever messed with the ports so any information would be great.

      Also, does port 4780 need to be open as well? Can any rules be set for that one?


        • Open Ports
          Johannes Sunden

          Hi Kristen,

          You're free to set any kind of IP restrictions in your firewall for port 4747 as long as you let your users through ;)

          4780 is used for the Management Console and if it's just administered from the server machine then it can be closed for external connections. However, the access is determined based on the membership of the QlikView Administrators group so even if someone accesses the QMC/QEMC they will only be allowed in if they have the correct group membership.