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    How do you force a selection to be fixed for all users ?

      I have a multi-table QlikView document where I want to restrict the data that the end user sees based on a simple list selection.

      If I make the selection and lock the list, this works for local clients. And if I place that list on a conditional tab, local client users cannot access any of the remaining data.

      However, web clients can select from the excluded items on other lists and this selection over-rides the locked selections. I don't mind that they can see the exlcuded items on the lists, it is the numbers in the charts that need to be restricted.

      I cannot add in-line entries to force this because it throws out all of my joins, that are sadly complex.

      I could re-write the entire extraction SQL, but that is a big job and locking a QlikView selection would be so much easier if it were possible.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.