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    Essbase Error (10200638): Internal Error


      I can pull data into Qlik using the Essbase connector, but it seems that if I choose too large of an intersection, it bombs out with the following error. Are there known limitations when pulling data via the Qlik Essbase Connector?



      Essbase Error (10200638): Internal Error: Query output is too large to be executed. Query Result exceeds 2^32 cells.


      I have set the following in the Essbase config:


      SSPROCROWLIMIT 1000000


      Obviously I am just asking for too much data, but how much is too much? I am pretty sure that what I am calling for is no where near 4.3 Billion cells. Is it possible that because I am choosing "Entity" (for a hierarchy tree) that is re-pulls data for alternate hierarchies with the same base entities?

      Any information you can provide is appreciated!




      Essbase Error.jpg