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    Generel Script Error


      We are using QlikView 9 SR5 and frequently the Reload task fails in the middle with the message "Generel Script Error" . This task has ran successfully previously without issues.

      What is causing this error message to be visible and how can be avoid this.




        • Generel Script Error

          Hi Karthi,

          That error message is too "General" to give an answer without additional information. Here are two ways to determine which line of your load script is causing your issue.

          1) Try running your load in Debug mode and step through your load script until you find the statement that is failing.

          2) Or you could try to insert "script exit;" in your script to force the load to stop at a certain point. If your load works successfully, move "script exit;" later into the script and run again, but if the load fails move "script exit;" closer to the start of the script.

          Using either of these methods, you will be able to isolate the statement that is causing the General Script Error. If you can post the statement we will be able to help you debug your script.

          Andy Rizzuto


          • Generel Script Error
            sunil jain

            Dear Friend,

            can you post the script ?. so that it clear us what is exact proble.


            Sunil Jain.