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    Task Re-Run ON Failure

    Siddharth Kulkarni

      Scenario: Say if I am starting 6 reduction jobs sequentially(at night that is), if one of them fails, there is no way to restart and re-run the failed job, and then re-continue other jobs. I can only do it the morning(and loosing a lot of time resultantly)

      Question: Is there is a way to re-start a task on failure? If we specify an ON- FAILURE trigger for the same task, it will go in a loop, which is undesired(So this is a NO-GO)

      Solution: QV should introduce a feature in which they can specify and limit task re-runs on failure, along with a default option(current)

      Example:- The dropdown will have 1,2,3 selctions ,along side ON failure trigger(which says re-run the jon once or twice or thrice IF IT FAILS). The user can select the needful

      Any ideas/inputs?




        • Task Re-Run ON Failure
          Jerry Somsen

          We are experiencing the same issue. A given reload task will fail during the night but then when I rerun it in the morning, it runs without error. It only happens periodically, but is very frustrating to try and track down the issue only to find nothing.

          It would be nice to have something that restarts a failed task x amount of times.


            • Task Re-Run ON Failure

              If you have a time-based schedule, have you considered triggering the job (from a different job) to run multiple times within the desired timeframe? You would need to be sure that the queue if already running setting is unchecked (you don't want it to queue) -- this is in the trigger task settings.

              If the job should take 30 minutes to run successfully, but when it fails it fails within 5 or 10 minutes, you could have the trigger job kick off every 5 minutes from time 0 to time 20 or something.

              Just a thought.
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