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    Qlik Sense Cloudについて

    Kazuki Ibana

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      Currently, in-house environment of 32bit OS in evaluating the Qlik Sense, we have evaluated by Qlik Sense Cloud.
      At that time it is, but we have stopped verification has out an error similar to the following. Your teaching, etc. sorry to trouble you, but how to improve
      I hope if you can.

      • If you try to upload a file to the "personal data files",
      That's CSV file of 1,097KB, is displayed as unsupported type file `.CSV` below, will result in an error.
      Was able to up it's light CSV file of 13KB instead.
      Is this Will error due to file size. Both because it is a CSV file, the previous error message is not falling into the off.
      ※ it was found
      File extension is listed as csv in lowercase You can upload, but the file that is displayed with the CSV in capital letters is such that the error.

      Recent I did not know how to override the extension In Excel, using Excel 2010 of the previous generation (we use the normal Office 2013 at our company)
      The extension was possible up When xlsx in lower case.

      Simply extension I think this is one of the files that are displayed in upper case has become a upload not allowed.