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    NPrinting Excel Report adjustments

    shay raber



      I have a Straight Table chart which i want to export to an Excel report.

      IF I'm deselecting the "Keep Source Formats" I'm loosing all object's formatting that I have and creating that via the wizard seems impossible.

      IF I'm selecting that option - the column's width is nothing like the original's object width and i can't narrow the columns so they will fit in one page width. for some reason the application decides what are the columns widths (even though they are not that wide originally) and I can't find a way of changing it.


      please assist


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          Mike Czerwonky

          Hi Shay,


          I can't tell what version of Nprinting you are using so I will give you council as if you are using version 16.


          Are you trying to drag the whole table into your excel table?  I am doing this by dragging CH103 to cell B15.  When you do this, you get the chart formatting from how it is setup in QV.   If the chart is too wide, than your results will be unpredictable.


          Instead of doing that, you can expand the table and individually select the fields you want and place them and headers on your excel template.  Then you have control over your column width.  The formatting should remain from your QV app if you choose Keep Source Format


          If you don't need your user to modify the data, then sometimes it is easier to just bring an image of the straight table from QV and then you get the exact format of the object from Qlikview.


          excel chart.PNG



          Hope this helps get your project done

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            Mike Czerwonky



            Did you get your problem resolved?