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    Promoting QlikView Server Refresh Tasks to Production Environment

    Paul Routledge

      We are developing and testing a complex schedule of reload tasks for our many QVW applications and their data.

      Obviously we are defining all of these tasks using the QlikView Management Console GUI. Our Server/publisher database is currently using XML files not a SQLServer DB.

      My question is: Is there away to promote or copy this schedule from our development environment to UAT and then Production without having to re-key tasks through the GUI?

      I have had a quick look at the XML 'database' in the Publisher\CommandCenter\QVPR subdirectiry and it is pretty daunting, filled with GUIDs and obviously there is no documentation from QlikView about any of this.

      Has anyone developed a release process for this, would it be easier or what is the difference if we were using SQLServer to host the repository?

      Any help appreciated

        • Promoting QlikView Server Refresh Tasks to Production Environment
          Vlad Gutkovsky


          Yes, this can be somewhat daunting, but a lot less so once you understand what needs to be modified. If you folder structure is the same on both servers, it's really not all that bad. The following assumes a clean install on your production server (Server2) and all tasks set up on your development server (Server1). Unless you have separate license keys, don't license Server2 yet, because that will attempt to create a cluster and will corrupt your QVPR.

          Step 1: Stop all services on Server2

          Step 2: Rename the QVPR folder on Server2 to something else, and copy the QVPR folder from Server1 to Server2.

          Step 3: Change all references to Server1 in the following files to Server2:


          Step 4: Start all services on Server2 and stop all services on Server1.

          Step 5: License Server2.

          It's possible that I've missed a couple files, but that should do it I think. Test it out.


          • Promoting QlikView Server Refresh Tasks to Production Environment
            Daniel Rozental

            There was an announcemt a few months back about NOAD supporting QlikView, it's seems to me like something they might be able to do.