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    File manipulation/system access

      I am looking for the best way to organize files (like QVD) during script reloads with the server/publisher, i.e. tasks like

      • finding the oldest/youngest or a specific file in a folder,
      • deleting/moving a file.


      First I tried VBS code from inside the reloading QVW (just create an instance of Scripting.FileSystemObject and you can do all kinds of stuff). That did work when using the QlikView standalone client, but not when using the server/publisher. I am rather confused on this issue, but I believe the server/publisher imposes much stricter rules on VBS code than the client, therefore no system access.

      Could someone please explain to me the basic rules of VBS macro handling during server/publisher reloads (or point me to some documentation)? And what is the point of the options in the server config, "allow macro execution"/"allow unsafe macro execution"?

      What are Your best practices regarding the things I want to do? I can at least think of

      • placing the VBS code outside of the QVW and calling the script (file) from the load script during reload (would that even work?),
      • using some external application (managed file transfer software e.g.).


      Thanks for Your help!