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    how many .nsq's

    Suraj Kumar

      Hi Experts,

      I see that a single .nsq file can hold multiple-










      Q.In a real time environment, can i create only a single .nsq to handle all the reports or is there any reason to create multiple .nsq's?

      so what is the general approach or best practice.


      Q. Since report is delivered to recipient, only when we configure their email in recipient page, I think we don't need any authentication or authorization(logins) at the report level. Am i right?




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          Andy Thompson

          I use multiple NSQ files.  The reason is to separate different processes (orders, financials).  It is also easier to manage by breaking your processes into smaller NSQs.  If your "one" NSQ gets corrupted and you do not have a back up then you are going to spend a lot of time reconstructing the NSQ (another reason to have multiple NSQs).

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            Mike Czerwonky

            I agree with Andy.  If you put all of your eggs in one basket, you are asking for grief if the NSQ gets corrupted.  I use multiple NSQ's so that I can put a new process to production without interrupting anything else.


            The drawback is that you have to maintain multiple recipient and filters.

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              Suraj Kumar

              Thanks a lot for the information.