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    Number formatting using if condition not working

    Brijesh Maurya

      Hi All,


      i have created inline ,



      Load * Inline [

      %View, Format

      Number , 1

      Percent,  2



      And say i have expression like

      if (format = 1 ,Sum(Aggr(Bounces,VisitFull)) ,Num((Sum(Aggr(Bounces,VisitFull))/Sum(Aggr(Visits,VisitFull))),'#,##0.00%')



      and created a List box for View Number , format


      if i select Number is shows the value and if i select it showing value but not percentage calculated and without % sign..


      if am i putting an expression Num((Sum(Aggr(Bounces,VisitFull))/Sum(Aggr(Visits,VisitFull))),'#,##0.00%')   without if condition

      it working fine...


      can any one help me to sort out this