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    Issues with selections in objects when scrolling a mashup

    Miriam Durán

      Hi there!

      I'm pretty new with Qlik Sense and I'm facing some issues with a mashup that I created.


      The objects that are displayed when the site is loaded are rendered ok: toolbar buttons work and pop-up information is displayed in place:



      But when I scroll down the page, objects that have been rendered under the "visible" screen size don't work properly: Selections don't work and the pop-up information is displayed out of place:


      In this case, I can't select any value from the filters but the options visible in the first image attached ( "Segment", "Amalia Craig", "Alcoholic Beverages")


      Can somebody shed some light on this issue?

      Could this be a bug? I created a mashup from the scratch using one of the example templates (slideshow mashup) and the behaviour is the same.


      Thanks in advance!