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    Document Chaining - Transfering State issue

    Pere Martí

      Good morning,


      I have chained a couple of dashboards using the "transfer state" option and it works, but I have a problem when I go back to the previous dashboard.


      Scenario: I apply a filter on Dashboard 1 and I open Dashboard 2. The filter is applied on Dashboard 2 (which is what I want). I clear the filter on Dashboard 2 and I open Dashboard 1, but the filter is still applied on Dashboard 1 (it has not been cleared).


      I guess this is a session issue, but do you know if there is a solution for that problem?


      Thank you very much!

        • Re: Document Chaining - Transfering State issue
          Bharat Ahuja

          Not sure if this issue is already resolved. Have you tried the "Apply state on top of current" or explicitly trying a Clear Field or Clear All action before using the Open Document action?


          I am facing a similar issue where I lock the filtered date field before going to Document 2 and when I come back to Document 1, the date filter is not getting unlocked even if I put UNLOCK ALL and CLEAR ALL in On Open Triggere of the Document 1.