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    Conditional Values

    Kevin Stanfield

      I'm struggling to find a way to achieve a method of applying a "calculated condition" within a object. I've used quotes around "calculated condition" as I'm not certain that I'm describing this correctly so I'll describe what I'm trying to achieve below.


      I'm updating a Telecoms dashboard where I have an expression "Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)" (Revenue Column)  that is sorted by the top highest ARPUs and another expression that counts the number of users invoiced- the dimensions being month and the tariff that the ARPU applies to - see example below:


      DateTariffRevenueSubs Invoiced
      Feb-2016Tariff 1£75.1
      Feb-2016Tariff 2£46.10
      Feb-2016Tariff 3£40.3
      Feb-2016Tariff 4£40.16
      Feb-2016Tariff 5£38.1
      Feb-2016Tariff 6£34.7
      Feb-2016Tariff 7£33.7
      Feb-2016Tariff 8£33.4
      Feb-2016Tariff 9£32.1
      Feb-2016Tariff 10£30.21,179
      Jan-2016Tariff 1£1,332.1
      Jan-2016Tariff 2£700.1
      Jan-2016Tariff 3£291.3
      Jan-2016Tariff 4£98.1
      Jan-2016Tariff 5£84.1
      Jan-2016Tariff 6£81.53
      Jan-2016Tariff 7£79.16
      Jan-2016Tariff 8£74.81
      Jan-2016Tariff 9£68.1
      Jan-2016Tariff 10£67.3



      The reason for wishing to apply a condition is that where only small number of users are invoiced on a particular tariff this is of no real interest  - example is Feb-16 Tariff 1 the ARPU figure is £75 but only 1 user invoiced (subs invoiced column).

      What I'd like to do is to say that there must be a minimum number of users invoiced to appear in the top 10 for the month. so in layman's terms I'd be saying Subs Invoiced > 1000 as the condition. I've tried lots of different ways to achieve this but can't get it to work. Any thoughts on how to achieve this?


      As a "by the way" does anyone know how not to display totals in the table - I can only find the option of totals as the top or bottom row?


      Many thanks in advance.