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    Qlik Sense Server scheduler doesn't consider DST for already planned tasks


      Good Morning,

      as stated in subject, I have some daily reload processes that were scheduled during last months. On last weekend, here has started the Daylight Saving Time period and all scheduled processes are now starting one hour later than before.


      The strange thing is that, opening schedule properties form, the time of schedule is correct but planning isn't.


      Let's see an example. Considering the highlighted process:

      Senza nome.png

      If you open its properties form, it has one daily trigger schedule. Double click on it:

      Senza nome.png

      Even if you try to change start time and save, schedule shift remains. E.g.: if you set the above one to 10:15, after saving it you see this:

      Senza nome.png

      The only way you have is to delete and re-create the trigger.