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    vLookup as expression (within unconnected tables)

      Hi Community,

      i'm facing with a "big problem". I' can't sleep

      I want to get some values in the main table (similar to Excel:vlookup) from another table using an expression.

      I can't get the desired values using  Scripts(datamodel) because the 2 tables (data & matrix, see attached .qvw) are not directly connected:the  "Key Fields" in table1 are calculated after running script, based on expressions:


      The Expressions (i.e PARETO EFFICIENCY)  are something like that:



      (rangesum(above(total sum(QTY),0,Rowno())) /sum(total <SubCategory> QTY)>0.95,'C',


      (rangesum(above(total sum(QTY),0,Rowno()))/sum(total <SubCategory> QTY)>0.80,'B',





      My goal is to link  the right values of column PRICE_LEVEL#01, PRICE_LEVEL#02,PRICE_LEVEL#03 (table2)  to the main table 1.



      PS: I would like to avoid IF statement , because i have 48 combinations of values.


      Please, i need help.

      Thanks to all