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    Reload failing on the server

      The document is loading fine on local machine with Developer version. It is failing on server after scheduling a job reload with Publisher.

      I have a loosen statement to connect a table loosely. When I remove this statement it is loading fine. My statement after the table Load is

      Loosen Table IDShipment_Dates;



        • Reload failing on the server
          Shumail Hussain

          Check ur source file either the path is fine thier on server and debug ur application on server. Also if you can share the error which you are getting on publisher then we can might get ur issue.


            • Reload failing on the server

              Hi Shumail -

              I am loading another table from the resident table. It has nothing to do with source file. All load is from the database. Some environment settings on the server need to be changed. Because the load works fine on my laptop where I have the Qlikview Enterprise developer.

              Something to do with loosen statement. May be the server does ot like a loosened table. Just kidding. I changed the key for this table now and deleted the loosen table statement. Its working fine. My version is 7.0 and publisher is 4.0