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    Order and priority of applying filters in expression

    Андрей Шепель

      Good day!

      Colleagues, i need to consult with you about order and  priorities of applying filters in any expr.


      As i know, expressions calculating can react to three sources of filters:


      1. Current selection

      2. Bookmark filter

      3. Inside field filter

      4. Searching inside field filter


      Some example:



      sum({[Bookmark filter] <City={[Inside field filter]}, Delivery_point={"=Searching inside field filter "} >}sales)


      As far as i understand, these ways for liltering have such orders and priorities:


      1.Searching inside field filter  - First in order, first priority

      2.Inside field filter  - Second in order, second priority

      3.Bookmark filter - Third in order, third priority

      4.Current selection - Fourth in order, fourth priority


      Could you correct me please, if i write some wrong?

      Many thanks.