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    Trouble with displaying textual part of dual values on x-axis



      I am trying to build a line chart having temparature intervals (as text values) on the x-axis. Since QV apparently can't handle text values on the x-axis, I tried to use dual-values. In my load script, I use the following line sto create the dual values which represent the intervals:




      if(temperature<0, dual('< 0°',0), if(temperature<=5, dual('1-5°',1), if(temperature<=10, dual('5-10°',2), if(temperature<=15, dual('10-15°',3), if(temperature<=20, dual('15-20°',4), if(temperature>20, dual('>20°',5))))))) as Temperature


      When I create a list-box containing on the Temperature field, it displays the textual values perfectly fine. However, if I try to use the Temperature field as a dimension for the x-axis in a line chart, it always displays the numerical values. If I try =Text(Temperature), the chart returns the error message "no numerical values on x-axis".

      Do you have any idea how I can get QV to display the text interval names on the x-axis of my chart?