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    Qlikview connecting to ODI source

    Bhavani Sunkavalli

      We are trying to evaluate qlikview product to see if the product can connect to ODI. Has any one used rest connectors ?


      Can you please help with some examples which i can use to connect and import data from ODI in to qlikview?

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          Arish Selvadurai

          Hi Raj,

          Oracle Data Interrogator (ODI) does not have a QlikView connector.

          Unless this was released recently.


          We have Oracle DataBase. ODI is used to load and transform the data into Oracle Tables.

          We have QlikView as the front-end tool. We read the data from the Oracle Tables through ODBC connector and save them into QVD. Then you create Applications (QVW) in QlikView by reading data from QVDs and present it in Access-point as Dashboards, Drill-down reports and flexible tables.


          QlikView is in-memory application. Developer has to understand the memory foot print and build a good application.

          Avoid flexible table. If this is a requirement limit how much data can be queried. Otherwise Business user bring down server by hogging all the memory.