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    Sales for the stores only if they have in same month last year

    Madhavi Basawaraju

      How to show sales of all the stores whose sales are greater than 0 in same month last year using point in time analysis?


      My chart will be something like this, based on Month as dimension.


      Month | CY Sales | LY Sales

      Jan | 1000| 2000

      Feb | 3000| 2000


      The issue is for CY Sales, I need to consider only those stores which has sales in Jan of Last year, and the same with LY Sales, consider sales only which has sales Jan of this year, Same for Feb to Feb, and so forth.


      CY Sales:

      Sum({$<  [Year]= {"$(=max([Year]))"} ,

      [Store]=P({$< [Year]={"$(=max([Year])-1)"} >}[Store]) >}



      LY Sales:

      Sum({$<  [Year]= {"$(=max([Year])-1)"} ,

      [Store]=P({$< [Year]={"$(=max([Year]))"} >}[Store]) >}



      In P modifier when it is looking at either this year or last year how to make sure that it is respecting the Month Dimension which my chart is using.Once I filter the data based on Month I am getting the correct numbers.