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    Reload problem

    Sateesh T

      Hi Guru's,


      my reload got failed in qlikview server  ,What I did I reloaded manually ,reloaded successfully but I am unable to save the application .

      Why it is happening any help.



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          Anjali Gupta

          You can check in the document log why it is failing or not saving.



          Anjali Gupta

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            Zhihong He

            Hi, Sateesh,


            Did you get any notification/warning/error when you can not save it?

            Have you maybe updated QlikView?



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              Jonathan Dienst

              Do you mean that the reload ran and completed normally, but then you could not save it? That sounds like a permissions problem - the service account under which the server runs does not have write access to the document folder.


              Or do you mean that it failed just before it would normally complete? The document log might help. Enable the log for the document, and check for the log in the same folder as the document. If the log implies that the reload appeared completed, but it still fails, then issues could be a massive synthetic key, or if writing a file, a file lock or an invalid file location.

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                Peter Cammaert

                Please post the TaskLog.txt, or copy/paste the task details from QMC->Status->Tasks->Show Task Details->Log. In the TaskLog, there is often an explicit mention of the reason for a failure.