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    Gauge expression doesn't behave well

      Hello everyone,


      I made a gauge that goes from 0% to 100%. The spire of the gauge goes to 0 when I filter on a field.

      I have made a textbox with the same expression that is in the gauge but there, the value doesn't change when I do the same filter.


      Here is my expression :


      sum({$< libelle = {'Internet'} >}poidsM2)/sum({$< Produit = {'XXX'} , libelle=>} Objectifs)


      The result of this expression is 0.73. When I filter on "Internet" for "libelle", the spire goes to 0 in the gauge... I don't get why because I put set analysis in both part of the expression so the filter on libelle shouldn't change anything.


      In the textbox, the value is still 0.73 when I do this filter.

      Why don't the textbox and the gauge behave the same ?


      Thank you for your help.

      Have a good day.