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    Data in chart, ignoring selection

    Richard Chilvers

      I have table of items bought by customers, with a sequence number to indicate 1st, 2nd 3rd..... purchase:


      Customer, Sequence, Item


      PX1,2, Coat

      PX1,3, Shirt


      PX2, 2, Handbag

      PX3, 1, Coat

      PX3,2, Scarf

      PX3, 3, Hat


      I want to show a chart which lists customers' 1st and 2nd purchases. But I want to show the user a list of items. From the list they will select a 1st purchased item (eg. Coat) and then list all customers who purchased this item first. But crucially I want to also show what they purchased 2nd.


      I feel this is simple, but I'm struggling.