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    Calling SAP BAPI


      I've got the problem to call an SAP function module to send new data from QV to SAP.

      Right now I found only the way over XtractQV.

      But the generated script uses only the table / table fields used by the FM.



      I create a form in QV

      The values of this form will be transfered to an SAP table via the called BAPI.


      Called SAP program : SAPLIQS0

      Screen 0100.

      My SAP development team mentiod, there best way to transfer data is using the FM   bapi_alm_notif_create.


      Has anybody an idea solving this problem?



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          Juan Olivares

          I never send data to SAP but you are trying to do through a macro?

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              Thanks for replay.

              Sure it isn't usually to retract data to SAP.

              I have to develop an QV Desktop App fpr SAP PM, because the SAP BO tools aren't have all the functions we need.


              I thoght about SQL insert, but I'm in worry abouit it and don't know if it works.

              Via box object it is also not so easy.

              So I've tried to use an excel working (in excel) VBA script, but the QV compiler give me always the error "Unable to create ActiveX Object".

              Reading and filtering data from the DB is working well, but retraction is horrible.

              Now I've spend the most part of my freetime last 3 weeks to solve this problem.

              If you know a possible way please let me know.