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    Logging document reload

    Alberto Gugel

      Goodmorning, I have several documents whose reload is scheduled through QEMC during night. Sometimes it happens that some of them doesn't start or stops. In order to analyse the reasons that brought to an end the execution, I need to see some kind of log file but nor Events or Performance or Session log files could help me because I'd need a detailed description of what happened during reload.

      As a consequence, I started enabling the "Generate Logfile" flag at document level (General tab of Document Properties menu) and I think this can help me a lot seeing that inspecting the created file is like looking at the reload window that appears when you manually launch a reload; but this solution isn't perfect: in fact it yields a plenty of text file in the same directory of qvw and qvd, specially if you enable also the "Timestamp in Logfile Name" flag.

      error loading image

      Is there a better way to reach the same result?

      Thanks in advance.