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    Qlik SAP BW Connector Error - "Handling of duplicate Keys not possible."

    Kaushik Solanki

      Dear Experts,


      I need your help in understanding and solving the issue which I have recently faced. Below is the Problem Statement.



      I am using QlikView version 11.20 SR 10

      SAP Connector version 5.80 SR4

      SAP BW version 7.40

      SAP Database Hanna


      Problem :

      I am connecting to SAP BW and Qlik using SAP connector. While extracting data I am getting error as below.


      "Key: [0PROFIT_CTR].[ has been assigned KeyPos: -1 in c.m_HierarchyKeys. Thus, the Key already exists in c.m_HierarchyKeys. Handling of duplicate Keys not possible."


      I dont know what this error is all about. Also have no idea about whether this is a Qlik SAP connector issue or SAP side issue.


      I have attached the log file for your Reference.


      Request you all to help me.


      Thanking you,

      Kaushik Solanki