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    ARGB in the script



      I have an "agency" field and I try to set a specific color per branch. I would like to optimize my graphics and thus make this method through the script (and not having to specify each time in my expression, in background color more precisely, the formula to usa).


      To know that my QlikView QVD project generates files (one file per table QVD).


      Besides that, under Excel, I have an excel file named "Parameters" with two tabs, one calling itself "metadata" (I renamed the tables and fields) that looks like this:


      TABLE.IN          TABLE.OUT          FIELD.IN           FIELD.OUT

      ................           ...............              ...............          .................


      And the other tab naming "color" which is as follows:

      NAME         A        R         G       B

      Agency1     255     255     153     51

      Agency2     255     0          153     0

      Agency3     255     51         0        153

      Agency4     255     255       255    153






      I wrote this in the script but it does not work ..... :


      In the script, in the COLOR tab:
      LOAD NAME, argB (A, R, G, B) as nameColor
      FROM [xxxxxxxxParameters.xlsx] (OOXML, embedded labels table is COLOR)

      In the script, in the QVD tab:
      ApplyMap ( 'COLOR' NAME) have nameColor

      Can anyone help me solve my problem?