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    Remove Qlik SAP Connector Transports from SAP System

    Boris Michel

      Hi All,


      I have run into a problem with one of our clients:


      They have migrated their SAP system from an older version to a newer version. Up until last week they used to run SAP BASIS 6.20 which meant that the Qlik Connector for SAP version 6.0 onwards was not compatible (support from 6.40) so I ran the connector version 5.90 without any problems.

      Last weekend they moved their system to a new environment with BASIS 7.40 with this I upgraded the SAP Connector version to release 6.1.2 and had their SAP staff import the new transports E66K900066 and E66K900070, assign the roles and we were off.


      Now here is the issue:


      The SQL connector works fine but I am running into a problem with the extractor connector. It worked fine with the BASIS 6.2 - QTQVC 5.9 combo (Delta Init and Delta Queue). Now in the new constellation BASIS 7.40 - QTQVC 6.1.2 the Delta Init does not set the delta queues to an initialised state even though the data is loaded into QlikView. I wonder if there is a conflict in the API because the old transports are still in the system? Is it possible to remove these somehow? I don't know if this is actually the problem, since the way I understand these transports work the import of the new ones should have overwritten the changes the old ones made. Again it might be interesting to do a full roll-back and import everything anew.


      Any help?


      Many thanks!