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    Reg : Publisher Settings Document

    Santhosh Gondrala

      Dear All,


      I need to learn more about Publisher,if anybody having the settings of publisher and functionality document, pls Share me



      Santhosh Kumar G

        • Reg : Publisher Settings Document

          Already tried to download the Server/Publisher manual from the download area?


            • Reg : Publisher Settings Document

              Facing the same Problem here: There is NO Publisher manual!

              I have onla a server/publisher manual for Version 9 but the manual is not really helpful.


              Regards Adriane

                • Reg : Publisher Settings Document
                  Hi Everyone I have a bit of a similar problem. I have an application already working and all setting were made by some expert from qlikview. I now have to create a new application and make it work. I have the application ready but I do not know how to publish it. I need some help. In fact a lot of help. I am try to help my self by reading the community previous issues but cannot find my way. I need the manual for the publisher. I do not know how to even start the publisher. Can some one help please. Many thanks Parmesiven
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                      Anders Tolf

                      Hi jpkattan!

                      Here is a basic and short description. Hope you find it out.

                      · Log on to the QlikView Server (as the a QvAdmin person)

                      · Open the "Qlikview Mangement Consol" from the START

                      · Copy your new file to the "Production" folder where QlikView server load your files from. If you don't know which folder it is. Check the "Source document folders" in the tab "Publisher Settings"

                      · Now go the tab "Source Documents". Here are all the available files from the folder above listed. Your new file should now be visible. Mark your file and add new task by pushing the + sign in the right

                      · Follow the wizard step for Reload, Distribute, Document Info and Trigger Task.

                      o Reload => Behavior of your Reload

                      o Distribute => Set up how the application should been distributed. Users or Groups

                      o Document Info => Set up if the application should have any Category Name (show in AccessPoint)

                      o Trigger Task=> Add info when and how the application should be reloaded. Based on time or another event

                      · When a application have an added Task, you can see it in the tab "Status"

                      · Mark the application and Run the Task.

                      · Now QlikView Server is reload the application and then move it to you AccessPoint folder with right permission based on your information in the Distribute step above.

                      · If everything went ok it should be visible in the tab "User Document" (applications in AccessPoint)

                      · Open the AccessPoint and verify or check the file in the AccessPoint folder. If you don't know which folder it is. Check the setting in "Root Folder" in the tab "Qliview Server Settings"


                      This description is based on the "Qlikview Mangement Consol" After a while you probably note that it is alot easier to work with the "Qlikview Enterprise Mangement Consol" instead.

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                          Hi Anders

                          Thanks a lot for your elaborate step by step method of dealing with my issue. However I can find the tab 'Publisher Settings' . It appears that the publisher is not at all installed on the server. Yet we are running an application. I am wondering that there may be another way of setting the application to be running without the publisher. Please correct me if I am wrong. It could be that IIS is set to publish the application. Is that at all possible or should we definitely have publisher installed.

                          Please note that I am an Admin on the server therefore not seeing publisher setting tab has nothing to do with priviledges.

                          Many thanks


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                              Anders Tolf

                              Hi again jpkattan!

                              The "light" description I was made for you was for the version 9 and 10. You didn't tell me your version number so I assumed you were running v9 or v10. If you are running 9 or 10 and don't see the tab "Publisher Setting" you probably not have the Publisher. This tab is "open" when a license is entered. Check the "QlikView Publisher License Information" in the License tab.

                              If you have v 9 or 10 and only have the Server license you gone administrate yours reload in the tab "User Documents" (not possible to setup distributions behavior, etc). Just mark one application and then Reload on the right side for setting up Reload schedule.

                              If your are running (8.0?) 8.2 or 8.5 you could administrate your reload in the "old" ControlPanel. http://localhost/controlpanel The "old" way to set up jobs, and reload was in my opinion not so logic and I don't think I could help you with tips without having an environment in front of me. Sorry!

                              If you have older version than 8. Maybe time for an upgrade ;)

                    • Reg : Publisher Settings Document
                      Bill Britt

                      You might want to get with your account manager and look at thating the training classes for server and publisher.

                      • Reg : Publisher Settings Document
                        Ashfaq Mohammed

                        Hi All

                        There is a seperate course for qlikview server/Publisher

                        called document manager

                        Please contact Qliktech.



                        • Reg : Publisher Settings Document

                          Hi Santu,

                          Kindly chek the Server/Publisher Reference Manual through this link

                          0361.QlikView 10 Server Reference Manual.pdf




                          Sampath Kumar.G


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                              Hi Sampath,

                              Saran here. my technical background is SQL Server Developer. Due to project that i got interested in Qlikview & i want to learn Qlikview to improve my tech profile. Sampath can you tell me any teaching center or any other way to learn Qlikview?

                              help me on this.