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    how to write this expression

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

      if i got table like below

      suppiler          code      date

                  a                    A              01/01/2015

                  b                    A                12/03/2015

                  c                    B                02/01/2015

                    d                    A+        2 0/03/2016

                    a                    A+              31/03/2016

                  b                    B              31/03/2016

                  c                    C              31/03/2016

                  d                    A+        31/03/2016

                  e                    A+        31/03/2016


      so what i am looking  is  :in a pie chart i need to show count of each  code based up on there suppliers  latest date

      i mean output:  in a pie chart :dimension= code

                                                  expression:?(what shou;d i need to write)


      result table:                      code  count(supplier)

                                              A        0  (supplier 'a' latest score is A+)

                                              A+      3

                                              B      1

                                              C        1