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    Documents size getting bigger suddenly


      We are using the QlikView 9 SR5 9.7502.8 built publisher in Windows 2008 Enterprise R2. What is happening is that a document of size 750 MB is suddenly increased to 2 GB when the document gets reloaded and then distributed. This has not happened in Windows 2003 Enterprise.

      Has anyone have faced this issue before or can have a suggestion on why this is happening.What could we do to fix this. This is happening for few reports.






        • Documents size getting bigger suddenly

          I have not faced such issues and just a small thought from my end.

          I don't think the document size changes because of the change in the environment. Can you check if the data source connections (ODBC etc.) point to the same DB server in both the environments.

          Since this is happening in multiple documents, I guess it could be due to pointing to incorrect DB server (like Prod instead of Dev).