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    EDX triggers ... Task completion in server 1 should trigger the task in Server 2

      Dear All,


      Suppose we have got 2 different qlikview Servers with 2 different licensed QMC.. although both the servers are in the same network. Now, some of the daily qlik tasks are scheduled in Server 1 and some of them are scheduled in Server 2.


      However, some tasks in Server 2 are dependent on task running in Server1. Hence, those tasks are not automatically scheduled in Server 2 and are run manually daily after checking if the related qvds and the dependent tasks are done in Server 1(these qvds are stored in server 2 while Storing).


      Now, how can I automate this and trigger the tasks in QMC  of Server 2 as soon as the tasks scheduled in Server 1 are done for the day?
      I have Qlikview licensed Publisher latest on both