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    Help with sending email/report to specific users

    Jason Campbell

      I'm somewhat of a veteran to QV, but relatively new to nPrinting.  I've used a lot of guides found online including this one link, but just cannot seem to connect the dots to understand how it works.


      I have a QV app with 50 or so employees, their email address, and performance.  I need each one to get a weekly email that highlights their performance only - which is very important.  I can't figure out how to get nPrinting to use the (already imported) email addresses to make a selection in QV causing only that employees data to come back over to the nPrinting report.


      I already have these created in nPrinting:

      1. Connection

      2. HTML Report

      3. All Recipients


      From what I've gathered, I need to create a Filter to attach to a Task.  How should the Filter be set up to instruct the task to select each employee?  Can it be done in a batch or does a filter have to be created for each employee?  Does a task have to be set up for each employee?  I feel like I'm missing something simple (hope so, anyway).


      Thanks in advance for any/all help.