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    Field not displaying

    Anthony Grazioso

      I am trying to print the previous 13 month ends in a pivot table across the top.

      The dimensions i am using are:

           if(WildMatch(TrendGroupDesc,'*Retail CD*'),plan_desc_nm)






      my expression is:

           sum({$<Year=,Month=,Week=,Date=,%Date=,prod_dt=,[Month Year]=,MonthNo=,YearMonthNo=,YearMonthSeq={"<=$(=max(YearMonthSeq)) >=$(=max(YearMonthSeq)-12)"},MonthEndFlag={1}>} mtd_avg_bal_amt)




      I am not sure why, but the dates are randomly skipping a month, depending on how I edit the second dimension. The data is correct for the remaining months, but I cannot figure out why all previous 13 month end dates aren't appearing.


      When I use a list box on the 'PrevMonthEnd' field, all the month ends show including the one that is missing from the table

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          Sunny Talwar

          Is there a sample you can share showing the issue? It is difficult to troubleshoot the issue without looking at it

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            Stefan Wühl

            What do you mean with 'depending on how I edit the second dimension'? I don't understand that part.

            Besides this, have you disabled 'suppress zero values' on presentation tab?

            And have you checked that you have data (expression results) for all combinations of the dimension values you expect to show up?


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                Anthony Grazioso

                Sorry, forgot the editing the second dimension part.


                I had It originally checked off, but just unchecked the suppress zero values, and it is still missing.


                I created another pivot table with dimensions of PrevMonthEnd, TrendGroupDesc, and plan_desc_nm with the same expression.  There still is the same month missing.


                When i change the expression to sum(mtd_avg_bal_amt) the month then shows, but shows the most recent two month ends have number that are way off.