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    Accessing QlikView Dashboards via Internet - cheapest solution?

      Dear all,


      I've got one question I'm not that familiar with...

      I'd like to publish Qlikview Dashboards via Internet (through a secured connection?) for my costumers and I don't now which might be the cheapest solution.

      At the beginning I thought that I need a QlikView Server + One named user (approx 18000€?)

      Now I found out, that there are also the Extranet Server, as well as a Small Business Server.


      Again: I develop x Dashboards (one developer licence) and X customers should access them via internet (only their dashboard). Furthermore, the customer data should not be accessible by others. What would be the cheapest solution further sticking to QlikView?


      Any further readings would also be great!


      Thank you in advance!


      Kind regards